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How to Speak English Like a Native English Speaker

People all over the world dream of learning how to speak English and be fluent at it too. Being able to sound and speak like a native speaker is something that so many people around the globe wish for, but they do not know how to achieve their dream. There are schools and academies all around the world that claim to teach students how to speak English, but in most cases, they fail to fulfill their promise. The main reason behind it is that they fail to convince students on how they can work in the right direction, and unless the students take matters in their own hands and learn things their way, they cannot expect to succeed. When we speak or write English, being grammatically correct is good, but we cannot know how to write or speak grammatically correctly unless we get to the root of the language and see how things are done. Speaking is a skill just like swimming, diving, and riding a bike, and unless you learn that skill, you cannot expect to succeed. The best way to become profici