British vs American Writing Styles in Colleges

British vs American Writing Styles
Many students wonder why American English is different from British English although both are English. The students whose mother tongue is not English mostly remain confused about the writing style and spelling difference between British and American English. The main reason is that American English was compiled by American lexicographer Noah Webster who not only added new words to British English but also revised many spellings by removing unnecessary letters, whereas the British English is compiled by the scholars from London. Not only the spelling there's a major difference between the writing styles in both languages. If you belong to some other country where English is not the English language and you are confused about the correct writing style of both languages then here experts of assignment writing services have given some main and basic differences between the British and American writing styles to help you in writing the hassle free college work.

1. Spellings:
You will see a clear difference between the spelling of most common words in British and American writing style. The words are the same but they are spelled differently. The American’s has replaced se by ze, re by er, and our by or. For example, you will write colour in British and color in American style, analyse in British and analyze in American style.

2. Punctuations:
In British writing style, single quotation used for quotes and full stops and question marks are used outside the quote while American writing style instruct to use double quotes and full stop and question marks are placed inside the quotes. In British writing style () are commonly used as brackets while in American writing style [] are considered as the brackets.

3. Grammar:
In British writing style, shall is used with first person pronoun while in American writing style will is commonly used. In British writing style, it is appropriate to use a plural verb for a singular collective noun. 

4. Vocabulary Difference:
There is a vocabulary difference between both writing styles. In British torch, petrol, flat, cookie, period are used while in American language flashlight, apartment, gas, biscuit and full stop are used.

5. Preposition:
Just like the spelling and grammar differences, there is also the difference between the uses of prepositions. In American style the right sentence is you should enroll in the college where as in British you should enroll in the college is considered right.

6. Irregular Verbs:
In British writing style, the past participle is formed by adding t whereas in American writing style ed is added to a verb to form a past participle.

7. Use of Got and Have:
In British writing style the word got is used whereas the word ‘have’ is used in American writing style. For example, in British, you will write ‘Do you have a camera’ whereas in American style you will write 'Do you have a camera'.

8. Difference in Abbreviations:
In American writing style, a period is used after the abbreviation like Mrs., whereas in British writing style periods are not used after abbreviation.

9. Accent Difference:
There is a major difference between British dialects and American dialects. For instance, in British English the word r is not pronounced. In American style, the t is pronounced similar to d.

10. Dates Format:
In British writing style the right format for writing the date is DD/MM/YY, whereas in American writing style dates are written as MM/DD/YY. For example, in British style you will write the date as 02 September 2020 and in American writing style it will be written as September 2, 2020.

11. Time Format:
In British writing style, the time will be written as half nine where as Americans write time as half past nine.

12. Pronunciation Difference Due to Vowels:
In British –iz is used instead of –is, -er is used instead of –re, -ize is used instead of –ise, -og is used instead of –ouge, and -ll is used in place of –l.

13. Some Other Word Differences:
In British maths, trapezium, quid are used whereas in American language math, trapezoid and buck are used.

14. Idioms Difference:
There are many English idioms that have the same meaning but have lexical differences in British and American writing style. For instance in American language the idioms are not touch something with a ten-foot pole, sweep under the rug, knock on wood whereas in British it is not touch something with a bargepole, sweep under the carpet and touch wood.

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