Various Laws On Abortion Around The World

Laws for Abortion
Ending of pregnancy by removing the embryo is known as abortion. The most common abortion all around the world is a miscarriage. This kind of abortion occurs spontaneously. Another type of abortion is induced abortion. When we take some deliberate steps to end a pregnancy, this is known as induced abortion. Commonly, we use abortion for induced abortions only. There are different laws about abortion all around the world. The developed countries provide a safe medicine method for abortion. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss various laws on abortion around the world.

North AmericaCanada and Mexico come into North America. The Supreme Court of Canada has declared that abortion is legal. One can end the pregnancy at any stage. The provisional heath insurances of Canada are also responsible to provide funding for the abortion. This funding is provided only for those abortions which are done in the hospitals rather than free-standing clinics. On the other hand, if we talk about the laws on abortion in Mexico, we get an idea that these laws vary from one state to another state. Most of Mexico states allow abortion only in the case of danger. Anyhow, in 2007, it is declared that the residents of Mexico are allowed to end the pregnancy during the first twelve weeks.

Western EuropeIn Western Europe, there come in many countries. First, we talk about Germany. In 1995, the government of Germany declared that abortion is legal. During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, they can end the pregnancy without any conception. Anyhow, after the first trimester, the pregnancy is allowed only in the case of danger. Secondly, we discuss the laws about pregnancy in Great Britain. In Great Britain, abortion has a broad interpretation. According to the act of 1967, they can end the pregnancy under critical circumstances. Before ending the pregnancy, it is necessary for them to get a certificate of abortion from two physicians. In Greece, abortion is also legal since 1986. They can freely end the pregnancy. Anyhow, it is not allowed for the hospitals and private clinics to advertise for the pregnancy. In Ireland, there are some strict rules about abortion. That’s why most of the women travel to Great Britain for the purpose of abortion. In Spain, abortion is also legal. Their residents can remove the embryo in the case of rape or fetal impairment.

In Asia, first, we discuss laws on abortion in China. As we know that there are some strict rules for one child-for-one family in China. Therefore, abortion is freely available for the Chinese. Most of the families end the pregnancy due to the desire of a boy. That’s why the ratio of boys is increasing in China. In India, in the case of rape, abortion is legal during the first 20 weeks. Anyhow, a woman can also end the pregnancy if he is facing some mental, physical or economic issues due to pregnancy. In Japan, abortion is also legal within 24 weeks after pregnancy.

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