Do Beauty Contests Set The Non-Achievable Beauty Standards?

Beauty Contests
The beauty contest is a competition in which the winner is the women judged the most beautiful. It is a contest between rival institutions. It is not a secret that women try to show off their attractiveness of bodies. Regardless, it is universal that women are umpired on their physical appearance and beauty. Here, the expert's writers of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss that the beauty contest set the non-achievable beauty standard.

In the real men and women are responsible for these beauty competitions. These contests set not- achievable beauty standard, because, if a women win in this competition then it is very common that she will be more brutal in her real life. A woman will feel jealousy against other women, who have won this competition. Nowadays, TV shows are considered a crime shows, because, they give birth to too many crimes in any society. The whole industry is built on this opinion that women are made by beauty products. They provide an idea to the women in their fashion shows that women are most beautiful in this world. All these shows set fake reality for the other women who want to take part in these beauty contests. Basically, there is no flawless celebrity in the fashion world. In fact, no men and women are perfect in this globe. The pictures of nameless models are decorated on the buses, magazines and social media.

In fact, social media plays an important role in the life of the fashion industry. In fact, social media gives birth to a new fashion. In the fashion contests, women are presented with their fake nails, fake hairs and fake dresses. The women have to perform like a stolen doll in the stage. Achievable beauty standard is very good for young girls. However, women are judged by their fake beauty, not by their performance. Most beautiful women won the first prize. Nevertheless, a woman can be targeted by their physical appearance rather than their profession. In reality, these contest set fake morality for all human beings. This is considered that beauty contest should be stopped in order to manage the reality. The women who are presented in the beauty contest are based on fake beauty and with a lot of makeup.

In reality, women characters are the decorations in the fashions shows. According to modern research, 53% actresses are under 40, while other actresses are over 45. It is not surprising that women feel pleasure in these beauty contests. Thus, we can say that beauty contests set the non-achievable beauty standards for human beings. If a young girl sees this beauty contest, then he will feel that this is the reality of the world. According to Wikipedia, 8 out of 10 women will be dissatisfied with their reflection and society plays an important role in the life of women. Basically, a beauty contest is an attack on moral values as well as religious values. It set fake beauty standard in the society that can be harmful in the future.

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