Adjustment Problems In a New Culture: An Informative Post For International Students

No doubt, it is a challenging task for the people to adjust themselves in such a culture that is different from their own culture. During the academic life, a student will have to go through some short periods of cultural adjustments. If a student is able to adjustment himself/herself in these cultures, then he/she will gain a lot of personal and academic benefits. As an international student, if you are not able to adjust yourself in a new culture of UK, then you can get help from experts of UK-based academic writing services. Most common adjustment problems for international students in a new culture are given below;

1) Extreme homesickness

When a person is away from his home and he longs for his home, then these feelings are known as homesickness. An extreme homesickness is also a major problem that can’t allow international students to adjust themselves to the new culture. International students can get rid of extreme homesickness by overexposing themselves, by trying local food, by hosting a cooking class, and by hiding yourself behind a camera.

2) Physical complaints and sleep disturbances

While adjusting in a new culture, international students also face a lot of physical complaints and sleep disturbances. These kinds of physical complaints and sleep disturbances can become a cause of depression and stress for the students. The depression and stress can affect the educational career of a student in two ways. First of all, the stress and depression make the students angrier. Secondly, stress and depression can worsen the grades of the students.

3) The difficulty with coursework and concentration

It is a fact that the international students will have to write a lot of academic papers during their studies. In order to complete these academic papers, the students will have to work with full attention and concentration. If the students are living outside of their home in another country, then it is difficult for them to write these academic papers with full attention and concentration.

4) Boredom of fatigue

If a student is living in his own house, then all of his tasks will be completed before the time by his mother. On the other hand, if he is living in a hostel outside of the country, then he will have to do all of his tasks by himself. As a result, he will face a boredom of fatigue. Due to this boredom of fatigue, it is also difficult for him to perform his academic tasks in an effective way. As a result, it is difficult for him to adjust himself in this new environment.

5) Hospitality towards the host culture

Most of the international students think that they will be entertained and treated just like guests and visitors. Due to this kind of hospitality towards the host culture, the international students expect a culture of friendly and generous reception from the residents of this country. This kind of wish can also become a cause of adjustment problem for the international students in a new culture.

Besides these problems, loss of sense of humour and feelings of helplessness are also some problems that international students face while adjusting themselves in a new culture.

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