A Narrative Essay About a Life-Changing Incident

There are four main kinds of essays like expository essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, and argumentative essays. In a narrative essay, a writer tells a story about his personal experience. Like the other kinds of essays, narrative essays also consist of three parts like introduction, body, and conclusion. To write a narrative essay, you will have to explain a particular point of view, to explain it with the help of best examples and evidence, and to use vivid verbs and modifiers. If you are not able to write a narrative essay, then you can get help from expert writers of the essay writing services. A narrative essay about a life-changing incident is given below; 

It is a fact that life is not a bed of roses rather than it is a bed of thorns. Its reason is that someone faces a lot of challenges during his/her life. During the life, someone also faces a lot of life events. Among these life events, there are also some events that can become a cause of bringing a positive change in his/her life. I also face such a life-changing incident in my life.

Nowadays, it is a common trend among the youngsters to cross the speed limits while riding on a bike and to do one-wheeling. Being a young man, I was also interested in it. I never feel scared to cross the limits while driving a bike or a car and to do one-wheeling. Although my parents and other family members have given me the punishment for these kinds of dangerous activities I never try to act upon their advice.

Meanwhile, I saw a tragic accident. One young boy was riding a bike beyond the speed limits and he was crushed by a truck. I was coming from the bazaar when I saw this horrible accident. The people around him were talking about his over speed. I was much scared and I was not able to see such a horrible scene. At that time, I realized that my parents and other family members are true and they want to see me safe and sound. The young man was murdered on the spot. Someone called the police and other rescue times.

The police and other rescue teams reached at the spot in no time. They tried to give first aid to that young boy but all in vain. After that, they called his family members and his family members also arrived on the spot in no time. They started to cry and weep but all in vain because they weren’t able to bring back this young boy by weeping and crying.

When I reached home, then I was very depressed and anxious. I shared this tragic accident with my mother and other family members. All of them requested me to run the bike within speed limits and never try to do one-wheeling. After that, I decided to leave all of these useless and risky habits. As a result, I am fully altered and all of my family members are happy with me. Moreover, this thing has also improved my thinking level. As result, I am showing best results in the class.

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